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Smash brawl hacks need to login to do this. When two people fight each other due to some misunderstanding because someone manipulated them into the struggle, it is an example of Let’s You And Him Fight.

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This trope is particularly overused in Super Hero comics and the movies and shows spawned from them. In that genre, it long ago became cliched, not even excused by Genre Blindness. Sometimes leads to a Lighthearted Rematch. See also Why Isn’t It Attacking? Also commonly known in comics fandoms as «Fight Then Team Up,» or the «Marvel Misunderstanding», even in the Marvel Bullpen. Bleach: Aizen’s secret machinations during the Soul Society arc pit Ichigo’s group and the Gotei 13 against each other, giving him the opportunity to delve into Urahara’s confiscated research to discover a means of extracting the Hougyoku from Rukia’s soul.

Eventually, it turns out the Amakusa Catholics were trying to save her, as the Roman Catholic Church was going to have her tortured and executed. During the DRAGON Arc, Shiage Hamazura runs into Accelerator and attacks him, thinking he was sent to kill his girlfriend Rikou Takitsubo. Accelerator easily defeats him and leaves. Shiage realizes he was mistaken and berates himself. This is the basics of Yukumi Hisako’s Agitate Halation plan: manipulate every hero into fighting each other until she has created a world without heroes. Face Turn, but then must defend her from all his allies and her enemies, who refuse to believe his explanations and think that he’s either gone to the dark side or been brainwashed.